Developing Students

Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School is part of a team consisting of church, home, and school, all working together to develop students spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially.

Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School carries out its mission of Shaping Individuals to be Christian Leaders through Excellence in Education and  

  • teaches from a Lutheran Church Missouri Synod perspective
  • prepares students for life through quality academic instruction
  • helps each student reach their full potential as a student
  • infuses a servant spirit in course content, class management and student guidance
  • exceeds State guidelines on standardized tests
  • offers General Studies, College Prep, and an Honors track
  • offers Dual Credit on-line courses to seniors
  • provides personal-spiritual, academic and extracurricular growth opportunities
  • ​is a nationally recognized high school
  • ​has dual accreditation through National Lutheran School Accreditation and AdvancEd
  • recognizes each student as a unique creation of God, redeemed by Jesus Christ, and nurtured by the Holy Spirit
  • trains students to be Christ's servants by encouraging them to identify and develop their God-given gifts and abilities​
  • provides an educational environment for our students to find true purpose founded and developed in God's will for their lives
  • helps students to know God and His forgiving love in Jesus Christ, identify themselves as children of God, and live as His disciples and servants​
  • encourages students to make thoughtful Christian decisions​
  • provides positive Christian role models
  • works with church and home
  • invites students from all faiths and un-churched students​​



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