Simeon Schult

I am so grateful for The Valley!

Hello, my name is Simeon Schult and I am going to be a senior at WI Valley. I love going to school at The Valley for so many reasons. The first reason is I love how much we talk about our faith at school. I have seen everyone spiritually grow so much over the years! I also love how The Valley feels like a family. Everyone is so close here and everywhere you turn you see a friendly face. The family feeling goes for the teachers as well. They always help the students and truly care for everyone. Since the class sizes are smaller the teachers can give everyone all the help they need. I also love to play sports at The Valley. Playing sports has taught me how to work hard and become a leader! I am so grateful for The Valley and I love so much about my school! 

Shealan Kelly

I am blessed by The Valley Family!

Hello, my name is Shealan Kelly and I am a senior at WI Valley. There are many ways that attending The Valley has blessed me. One of the biggest blessings for me has been the family aspect. The friendships I have created at this school are incredible and the people here are very accepting. I love having class discussions and being able to freely share my opinions and what I believe in. The teachers are willing to talk about my faith and pray for me if I need prayer and they also push me to do my best and help me think critically. The Valley has a wonderful family aspect, it has helped me grow in my faith, and pushed me to be a better student. I’m glad I chose to attend The Valley, it has truly been a blessing! 

Anna Wiesneski

Small School - Big Difference!

A mustard seed is a really small seed, yet Jesus recognizes it as an example of strong faith as it grows. People may think I'm different because I choose to go to a smaller school, but if you were to sit in on a class, lunch, or a sports game, you would see a roaring difference at our school. I love The Valley because I am able to connect with people, learn about them and have tons of fun, but most importantly, I am able to grow here in relationships with classmates, teachers, and Jesus.
                                                                                                                   ​Anna Wiesneski

Cheering Student Fans

Valley students display Christ's love!

Good Morning,
I wanted to send an email to thank your students for the sportsmanship they displayed at the January 21st game against White Lake. When I sat down I didn't realize I had sat in their section. When they came in and sat down 2 rows in front of me I groaned inside because I thought it was going to be a long night with obnoxious kids in front of me, boy was I wrong. I saw on display the greatest show of sportsmanship I have ever witnessed.  First, they were so respectful and gracious and then when our team was down 20 points, they split up and half of them went to the other end of the bleachers and were the White Lake cheering section, cheering on our girls every time they made a basket. I was so impressed and taken aback to see something like that in this day and age! I know you are a Christian School but a lot of times that is just a title, it's not shown in conduct but your kids and facility displayed Christ's love loud and clear that night.  And that wasn't all, when the game was finished, the kids split up so that each coach had a cheering line when they went into the locker room.

I cannot thank you enough. When my daughter got into the car that is all she talked about was what your kids did for those girls that night. Our teams, unfortunately, get so beaten down but its a testament to what just a little bit of cheering and support can do for a teams moral.

Please pass along this email to your students.  They deserve a big thank you!

God Bless you and your school!

​Jil Schulz

Ivy Zelinski

WVLHS is a blessing in my life!

Hi, my name is Ivy Zelinski, and I am a junior at Wisconsin Valley. I am so thankful for this school; I have been blessed by this school and the people in it. One thing I am thankful for is the fact that I am able to talk about and grow in my faith. The teachers teach us about God's forgiveness and grace, and about Christian leadership. Another thing I appreciate is how much the teachers really care about us. I walk through the halls in the evening after sports practices and I'll see multiple teachers still working with students who need help. I also like the small class sizes because there are fewer distractions and the teachers are able to help us individually more often. I really love the student body here. I am so close with many students and I have formed friendships that will last a lifetime. My peers push me to do my best in everything I do. I have grown so much since I started attending Wisconsin Valley-- physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually. I am very thankful for the opportunity to attend WVLHS and it is truly a blessing in my life! 

Tekoya Cosby

I am happy I attend The Valley!

 Hello, I am Tekoya Cosby and I am going to be a junior at WI Valley next year. I appreciate The Valley in many ways and I am glad I attend this school. There are many things to be thankful for at The Valley. Personally, I am thankful for the teachers. Even though I may not always show my appreciation for the homework they assign, I know that they truly do care about me and my success in the future. If I have questions about my faith or life questions, I know that I can always come to them and they will help me. They always put in more work than anyone really sees. I am also thankful for the coaches at The Valley -- they are faith based and encouraging. I can always count on them to lead us in the right direction. I truly am happy I attend The Valley! 

David Gustafson

I grow in Christ at The Valley!

Hi, my name is David Gustafson and Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School has blessed me in many ways. The teachers and staff push me to do my very best. The school has also allowed me to make friends from different cities - whether it’s from Wausau, Merrill, Stevens Point, or Plover. The friendship that I have with these people is outstanding. The students, teachers, and staff are basically one big family. The small class sizes are easier for me to learn in because there are fewer distractions. The biggest thing about The Valley is that I can grow in Christ. The teachers are willing to talk about my faith and how God forgives me. My classmates help me whether it is physically, mentally, or spiritually. I play baseball and basketball and the coaches at The Valley are amazing. The coaches push me to do my best and to have sportsmanship. I know that God has put me here for a reason. I may not know what that is, but I can’t wait to use the gifts that God has given me to do what He wants me to. I know that I have a strong foundation for my faith because I am able to grow so much at Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School! 

Hannah Anklam

WI Valley Lutheran blesses me!

Hi, my name is Hannah Anklam and I want you to  know that my faith has grown because of Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School.  One of the best parts about being a student at The Valley is that I can develop and use my God-given gifts.  I really enjoy three things: God, friends, and music.  At WVLHS I can have a blast with all three at the same time by being part of our student-led praise team.  The staff has encouraged me and the rest of the praise team so much, and I am excited about all that God has in store for us as we use our gifts for His glory.  Another thing I really appreciate about The Valley is the small class size.  Having fewer kids in my classes makes it easier for me to get help from the teachers when I need it. I can also have fun with my classmates because we get to know each other so well.  Most importantly, these classmates and teachers are there to pray for and encourage me when I need it. The same goes for sports. I’m in volleyball, and my coaches are absolutely amazing! They have stretched me as a Christian athlete all while having fun playing volleyball with some of my closest friends. Friendships, sports, music, and classroom learning-God is at work in my life through all of these things at Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School.

Moriah Sawyer Photo by Ann Ilagan Photography

I love this school!

Hi, my name is Moriah Sawyer and I am a recent graduate of The Valley. I transferred in my sophomore year, and making that decision was one of the hardest, but best decisions my family and I have ever made. I have met so many amazing people, learned so much, and have made so many great memories. One reason that The Valley is so important to me is that we are all so close to each other. Last year I was very sick and I missed a lot of school. All of the teachers and my friends were extremely supportive and their prayers and encouraging words helped me get through a very tough time. The Valley has helped me to grow in my academics, in my maturity, and in my relationship with God. Thanks for supporting me at The Valley!