Active Period

Students playing volleyball with Pastors at Active Period

What is Active Period?

As a part of The Valley's commitment to develop the whole student Wisconsin Valley Lutheran added Active Period to the class schedule in 2014.

Active Period is a twenty minute period when students and staff take time out of their daily schedule to get physically active.  Everyone is free to choose what to do for active period, the only requirement is that EVERYONE IS ACTIVE.  Some favorite activities include walking, frisbee, basketball, and volleyball.

Students at Active Period

Why have Active Period?

The decision to add Active Period was two-fold.  First, along with switching vending machine offerings from soda and sports drinks to water, adding Active Period is a part of an effort to encourage healthier choices for students and staff in The Valley family.  Second, a number of studies indicate that students who are physically active have shown improvement in:

  • test scores
  • grades
  • reading literacy
  • math fluency
  • memory
  • attention
  • concentration
  • on-task behavior