Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

WI Valley Lutheran High School is now a CHOICE school!

 Parents and legal guardians who qualify, have an opportunity to put their tax dollars to work for their student(s) at ​​THEIR SCHOOL OF CHOICE— WI VALLEY LUTHERAN HIGH SCHOOL.


Family Size    Single Income    Family Income

          1                $26,708                  -- 

          2                $36,212                  --

          3                $45,716             $52,716

          4                $55,220             $62,220

          5                $64,726             $71,724

          6                $74,228             $81,228

  • For each additional child, add $9,504
  • If your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) falls at or below the levels above, APPLY today! ALL families are encouraged to investigate whether they qualify by applying to the Choice Program.
  • 2017 adjusted gross income may be used if 2018 taxes have not yet been filed (line 37 of the 2017 tax form 1040) OR 2018 adjusted gross income (line 7 of the 2018 tax form 1040) 
  • If parents are divorced and both have placement, either parent may apply if they qualify regardless of the other parent’s income. 
  • Seats are available for ALL grade levels for 2019-2020 for new or existing students. Applications to the Choice Program are only accepted between February 1 and April 19APPLY NOW!
  • For information about the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program and to enroll visit dpi.wi.gov/choice.
  • There are different methods of applying for the Choice Program, let us help you determine which is the best method for your family!

Parents or guardians enrolling students for the Choice program should direct any questions to Jamie Wehrs at WI Valley Lutheran High School at (715) 693-2693 or email: jwehrs@wvlhs.org.

Let us show you how you can apply to receive FREE TUITION for your student(s) at WI Valley!